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Auroa is a small local community located in south Taranaki, New Zealand.

Auroa Primary School might sound like a small country school but is full of life and soul. Its been open since 1891 and is still open to this day. The population of Auroa would be around 200-300 people. Auroa school is involved with lots of sports like athletics, cross country, swimming sports and triathalons. Auroa is also in lots of creative things like robotics, lots of arty type things and many more. The school has a keys program where you gain credits from lots of different subjects and earn a key. There are five keys arts, sports, service and academic. You must complete all four keys then go onto the digi key. If you complete the four main keys you will get on the honours board.

Auroa is known for dairy farming. Some people from overseas will think we farm sheep but farm cows. We have also got some near by towns like Manaia which is the bread capital and makes bread for the well known store called subway, And also eltham the cheese capital. We've also got Opunake which is well known for surfing.

Auroa is a amazing place. Its got beautiful lakes, rivers but hte best thing is the school.

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