Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The New Me!!!

Early last year, I first visited the orthodontist to see about getting braces put on my teeth. Before getting the braces on I had to experience getting two teeth pulled out of my mouth. Once the gaps from the extracted teeth were healed it was time to get the braces put on. In May, Finally the braces got put on. At first they felt really weird, but after the first couple of months I got used to it. After almost 5 months, I got small hooks placed in the wire of the braces and had to wear small rubber bands until February the next year. Then just yesterday the most coolest and surprising thing happened. My braces came off, and I got to see the new me! Sadly after, even though they were off, I had to get removable retainers... But on the bright side they're clear so you don't know they're in there.


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  1. Hey Kaiah! Loved your blog post. Feels awesome getting braces off. Enjoy! Jordy x