Monday, 29 June 2015

Robotics 2015

On Saturday all of the Auroa School Robotics teams travelled to Whanganui for the official Junior Robocup Competition. When you compete you can choose if you want to do a theatre performance or a search and rescue performance. All of the Auroa teams did the theatre category and only had to compete against each other. In the end the Robros (Shreck performance) came in 3rd place, the Udder Budders (Carnival performance) came in 2nd place and JKLM (Mission impossible performance) came in 1st place! The Udder Budders and JKLM both get to carry on to Nationals all the way down in Christchurch on the 12th of September and hopefully win Auroa a new trophy or two.


  1. Kaiah
    This is a sensational post - a fantastic combination of great detail and a wonderful video that goes with it. I really enjoyed the explanation that you put with it and the footage is exceptionally good.
    Mr Webb

  2. Hey Kaiah,
    I really enjoyed reading about the Robotics at Whanganui on Saturday. Sounds like
    Auroa performed really well and I will look forward to hearing how it all goes at Christchurch in September. Thankyou.