Friday, 27 March 2015

Meeting Miranda Sings!

Picture with Miranda, Myself and my DVD
Last Thursday my family and I traveled all the way down to Wellington to see a very special performance by Miranda sings at St. James Theatre. Mum and I were very lucky because we got the best seats ever... 2nd row! Unlike me and mum my brother Durann and dad had to sit all the way at the top of the theatre but at least they could see. The show was full of funny jokes and skits that made everyone laugh. At the end of the show everyone left except the VIPs (that's me). When it was my turn I went up to her and gave her a hug and a DVD that I'm featured in (Lord of the Dance Ring). After I got a couple of pictures with Miranda and her fionce Joshua. I had a great time at the Miranda sings show but before I left... I got a T-shirt so i could remember the day
My T-shirt
Selfie with Joshua


  1. Kaiah
    Thought that this was a superb post - really enjoyed it. Didn't really know about Miranda Sings at all so I thought that it was great that you featured the Hyperlinks to more information about her. Great well written recount that explains all the expected detail.
    A well deserved best senior Blog Post of the Week.
    Mr Webb

  2. Hi Kaiah.

    Awesome post about Miranda Sings! I don't know anything about her so that made me know a little bit more. It was a good job and very clever to put a hyperlink. Good job!

    Mackenna Room 3 Auroa New Zealand