Monday, 22 September 2014


As we walked into the arena you could see bright wonderful colours! Reds and blues but the things that were underneath those colourful outfits were our opponents. But our opponents for what? The NZ AIMS GAMES basketball tournament.

So many teams. Which teams are easy? Which teams are hard? So many questions were popping into my mind but once we entered the gym all my questions were answered.

Over the next few days we played game after game after game. We won some and also lost some but we kept on playing to the end.

Now the final game... well for me of course. This was the game to find out who got 13th or 14th. The points were going crazy! We passed them then they passed us. It was like a running race! Quickly Izzy got the ball. She dribbled, shooted and yes! A score!!!

It was so sad to leave Tauranga. I really loved playing basketball with my friends but at some point you have to finish the game.