Friday, 20 June 2014

Disco Sneak Peek

Last night my Dad, brother and myself tested out our lasers and lights for the disco. My Dad usually DJ's all the discos for our school. The discos are full of lots of fun and excitement. I cant wait till the real thing.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Me, My Friends and Robots.

All I knew was that I could feel everyone shaking and shivering, feeling nervous, just waiting for it to be over and done with.Do you know whats happening? Only the cut off for Robotics…our worst nightmare.

“Ok everyone get prepared…he’s coming!” said Mrs K in an excited yet terrified voice. Hmmm? What to do, What to do. I’m jumping out of my skin! So nervous I’m even shaking in fear. But while I’m in a major panic attack my team mates Brylee and Meg have luckily set up everything into place…Perfect.

“So tell me about this?” He says. Meg steps up, to me I think she’s nervous but I know for sure that she’s not. 3,2,1, GO…“Um why’s it not working?” We all say together. He says just carry on. So we turn on our robots and start it. A few seconds later it turns into smush...a complete failure.

Lunch passed by...My teacher Mr Webb pulled out groups one by one. Looking like torture but for some treasure. As other groups walked out you see glittery shimmery eyes, others balling into eachothers arms. Finally he calls us to go outside. At the start it all sounds like misery but turns into pure gold.

After we got told the good news I felt very relieved. Looks like our hard work and dedication paid off.