Thursday, 8 May 2014

Pom Poms

Pom Poms
Goal: make a pom pom.
- Card
- Skissors
- Two circular objects (one big and one small)
- Pencil
- Coloured wool (any colours you like)
Step 1- Get your card and trace two large circles with one smaller circle in the centre.
Step 2 - Cut your pieces out.
Step 3 - Get your two pieces of card and start wrapping your wool around it.
Step 4 - Keep adding more wool to give your pom pom moree colour.
Step 5 - You'll know your pom pom is finished when your finger ca'nt fit through the hole.
Step 6 - Cut in between the two pieces of card.
Step 7 - Put a piece of wool inbetween the two pieces of card and tie it tight.
Step 8 - Leave ecses wool for a piece to hang with.
Step 9 - Cut off the card.
Step 10 - Give your pom pom a hair cut.
Step 11 - Enjoy your new pom pom!
By Kaiah.