Sunday, 30 March 2014

Japanese Candy!!!

My older cousin went to Japan for a whole month to learn Japanese and explore what it's like in Japan. While she was there she got my younger cousins, Durann and I all big bags of candy! Most of this candy I haven't tried yet but I'm just waiting till the right moment! I got strawberry flavoured kit kats, gummy strawberry's, chocolate, small gummy's, cider lollies and much much more!
If you know anything about all this candy or know what it tastes like then leave a comment down below.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Swimmers Luck

Hot steam rising up to the roof like a hot sauna. Small waves flowing through the water. Can you guess where we are?... only Stratford pools for one of the biggest events for our school called swimming sports.

My first race is coming up. Now I've majorly got butterflies. It's only a 25 metre race really just one length of the pool. "The 25 metre freestyle race" Mr C said through the noisy speakers. I'm to much of a cry baby to dive in so I may as well just start in the pool. On your marks, get set... Errrrr! Off goes the buzzer. I'm stroking as fast as I can, everyone's cheering for me then I touch the wall Finished. I came 4th, not to bad for my first race.

"Ok" I said to myself. I did fine in my first race but hopefully I'll be a bit better. 3,2,1 Go Go Go! My friends are in my race so I feel like I'll get a good placing. "Come on Keep going" said mum. And once again I got 4th.

Now I've got my breaststroke race. There was a lot of pressure on me cause we've got to do a two hand touch and no freestyle or butterfly kicks otherwise we'll get disqualified. Also on top of that I promised my friends that I'll try to do a dive. 3,2,1 Go!!! First I do my dive then make sure I don't do the wrong kick. I'm racing ahead getting close to first, then my two hand touch. Yay I got 2nd place hooray!!!

I enjoyed swimming sports, one second placing and two fourths. It must be swimmers luck!

 I would also like to give credit to my dad for making this amazing video.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Over 500 Pageviews!

On my blog I have recently just hit over 500 Pageviews! And only in the first few weeks of my blog I only had almost 100. For me this is amazing and can't wait till I hit 1000! For me to try and reach this goal of 1000 you'll all have to tell your friends and family to check out my blog even if its just a quick look. Thank you. 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Birthday Fun

Recently my younger brother Durann had a birthday and invited a few of his friends to have some fun and celebrate his birthday. For one of the fun things we played was making up our own funny Cadbury add. My friend Meg and myself both paired up together and made our own funny cadbury add.

 To see all three of the videos we made go to Durann's Blog.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Silver Rods

Bang!!! The gun shot up into the air. People racing along the track. Where are we you ask, only athletics day in Kaponga. To try and win the shield.

"11 year olds off to the marshaling tent" the lady up on the roof said on the distant speakers. As those three fatal numbers were called out i knew ill only get in last place. I ran as fast as I could. I passed the school tent where everyone was cheering for me I feel so happy that I end up passing someone. Finally!  Now I get a silver rod and put it in our schools points.

Now we're going to high jump and long jump. Here I go first attempt for long jump, Yes new high score (for the girls of course). Now Jessica's turn. Noooo! My heart collapsed she bet my record! Maybe something will be better on the high jump. This wasn't regular high jump but sudden death. We only get one go, so I better get over. Crash!!! You probably think I knocked it and I did. Hopefully Jessica doesn't beat me again. And she beats me and gets 2nd place.

Now my 200 metre race. This race I know I'm going to lose because last year I came last and started crying but that's another story.  I'm huffing and puffing, I try and keep the same pace the whole way. I end up passing the line getting last place, and what colour rod did I get... a silver rod again.

I enjoyed athletics... apart from the silver rods! But I tried my best and thats ok. By the way did I tell you that we won the shield?

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Whanau Leaders 2014

Congratulations to Heavenlee, Logan, Gemma and Liela for getting places for the Whanua Leaders for 2014.

Student Council for 2014

Congratulations to everyone who got onto the student council for 2014!
Emily (head girl) 
Tom (head boy)
Riley P
Kaiah (me)
And also good job for the rest of room1 for tring to get in as well!

About myself

Hi i'm Kaiah. I have a younger brother Durann and two cats. I like basket ball, tennis and other sports. I also enjoy various art projects and video games. I dislike spiders and other creepy disgusting creatures.

Friday, 7 March 2014


1.Land area-262,017 miles.
2.During its history Texas has had eight changes of sovereignty and six flags have flown over the state.
4.Texas is the second largest state in America.
5.Texas is the only state that was a Republic before joining the union.
6.Texas is the third largest populated state in America.
7.It occupies 7% of the total land and water areas.
8.70% of the population of Texas lives within 200 miles of Austin.
9.Texas has about 14 million cattle.
10.It is home to 213 species of reptile.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Selwyn House Quiz

 A quiz all about Selwyn House school in Christchurch. To make your own quiz go to Quiz Revolution.